In the pristine waters of Loughborough Lake are home to Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. This lake is located north of Inverary, Ontario just 15 minutes from Kingston.

We start the season off with April Lake Trout Trips and typically do less trips mid-summer due to the lake being a popular recreational boating lake, however we can do trips here anytime upon request. We typically return late season in October/November to target Lake Trout, Bass and Northern Pike. This lake offers a fall Lake Trout fishing opportunity while most other local lakes are closed for the season. Trolling for these stocked lakers where the reside in the western basin of Loughborough that reaches depths of 200+ Feet.

This lake has a certain charm with many local celebrities having homes on the lake, and the thrill of potentially landing a trophy-sized fish just heightens the experience. While Northern Pike and Bass are closed in the spring in the Fall Lake Trout may co-exist with Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike which are not uncommon to catch, making every fall trip to Loughborough Lake an interesting experience with opportunity to catch a variety of species. Thus, each expedition to the serene waters of Loughborough not only becomes a memorable chapter in the angling adventure but a reaffirmation of the enduring connection between the angler and the captivating world beneath the lake’s surface.

Being only 15 minutes from Kingston makes this a great option for people looking to do trips that are traveling to Kingston and looking to get out on the water. To setup a trip call for text 613-983-3474 and setup a time with Blue Rock Charters.

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Your Captain, Joe Spence

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