Welcome to our gallery featuring images from our thrilling adventures ice fishing the Bay of Quinte. Immerse yourself in the excitement as anglers brave the frozen waters in pursuit of the trophy walleye of a lifetime with Blue Rock Charters.

The Bay of Quinte spans from Trenton to Belleville, then through big bay which tightens up at the telegraph narrows and along Deseronto, with the Napanee River mouth flowing out to the bay before it wraps around Forresters Island goes down Long Reach to Shermans point and the mouth of Hay Bay and finally opens up at Picton Bay. The bay of Quinte is like a giant river of constantly flowing water and extreme caution needs to be practiced. It takes a very seasoned veteran ice fisher of the bay to really understand where it is safe and not.

Experience the very best of Walleye ice fishing adventures first hand on the Bay of Quinte on one of Blue Rock Charters Ice Fishing Trips. Our specialized Bay of Quinte ice fishing trips offer offer the opportunity of a lifetime to have a chance at a trophy walleye amidst the breathtaking winter landscapes. With expert local guides, the right equipment, and insider knowledge of the best spots, we ensure an unforgettable angling experience. Join us for thrilling ice fishing excursions, tailored to both seasoned anglers and beginners, promising good times and cherished memories on the ice-covered waters of Bay of Quinte.