Qualifications: SVOP, Med A3, Restricted VHF Operator, Marine First Aid
Experience: 10+ Years of boat and ice fishing experience on guided waters
Other Related Skills: Certified to Teach English as a Second Language and communicate well with non-native English speakers, Small engine and electric motor repair and diagnostic skills

It was finally time to turn my passion into a career. I loved fishing from a very young age. I grew up as a small child just north of Napanee then lived in Picton just a block away from the harbour for all of my elementary school years. Then I moved to Kingston where in high school we would get out of school and rush to my friends cottages on Bay of Quinte and Varty Lake to go fishing every chance we’d get. When I was 20 years old I bought my first truck, I knew if I wanted to enjoy the great outdoors it was a necessity, which was immediately followed by me buying my first ATV to get out ice fishing and then shortly after that my first 12ft aluminum boat to get on the water with and it came with quite the name, “The Magic Sleigh Boat”.

I moved into a small cottage in Millhaven on Lake Ontario and which was also a stone throw from Bay of Quinte and every chance I got I would be out casting around or drilling holes in the ice. I started fishing with a good friend of mine Brandun who also loved fishing, maybe even more then I did and has taught me a ton. Years later he ended up selling me his small Bass boat when he upgraded to a larger boat, and that’s when I started exploring more lakes and learning the bigger water.

Eventually I thought that I should give competitive fishing a try, another friend Nathan and I joined the Rideau Lakes Bassmasters and fished that club through a full season. It was a great learning experience as these were the first 5 fish live release tournaments we had done. Fishing a tournament series can be a large time commitment and I decided that I really enjoyed the fun side of fishing rather then the competitive side. I still fish some individual events like Big Bass MegaBucks and the 2018 & 2019 Thousand Islands Open, but I really enjoy catching fish and helping other people catch fish.

I now own a brand new Legend Boat, an almost brand new Arctic Cat Snowmobile that dependably get me around on the ice and water, a full array of equipment necessary to target the species I guide for.

With the support of my partner Jen, I completed my Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety, Marine First Aid and my VHS Restricted operator certificate courses at Georgian College, registered the business and obtained Commercial Insurance for both open water and ice fishing. Now I would love to take you out and show you a great time fishing in my new boat or out on the ice.