At Collins Lake located between Inverary and Sunbury, just 15 minutes from Kingston. The angling landscape transforms with the changing seasons, offering great Pike and Bass fishing during the prime times that I’m about to mention.

The onset of the second weekend in May marks the beginning of the pike season, signaling the start of thrilling expeditions targeting these voracious freshwater predators. As the waters warm and the ecosystem awakens, Collins Lake becomes a haven for anglers eager to test their skills against these aggressive pikes. The adrenaline rush of hooking into a feisty pike amidst the serene surroundings of Collins Lake is an experience like no other, fueling the passion for boat fishing among seasoned anglers and newcomers alike.

As the pike season reaches its prime time, Bass season also opens up on Collins Lake on the 3rd weekend in June. The bass are a good average size of 1-3 lbs but we do find some larger fish on occasion as well.

We heavily promote catch and release with Bass fishing and recommend keeping thicker 3-5lb Northern Pike if clients want to take home some fish to eat. We of course know that pike are the trickiest of fish to clean and will send you home with bagged fillets at the end of your trip.

From June through October, the lake’s waters come alive with great action from both bass and pike. It’s not uncommon some mornings to boat 20+ fish. Whether casting along the shorelines, probing weed beds, or targeting shallow flats fishing on Collins Lake is always a fun experience. Collins Lake is my home water and I live on the lake so there is close access to washrooms typically between May-Sept while the dock is in, for people who prefer a location with that option.

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CDN $398.23 + HST = $450 up to 3 adults (4hrs)
CDN $486.73 + HST = $550 up to 3 adults (6hrs)
CDN $575.22 + HST = $650 up to 3 adults (8hrs)

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Your Captain,

Joe Spence

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