Welcome to our gallery capturing the exhilarating moments of ice fishing adventures on Collins Lake near Kingston, Ontario, targeting Pike and Panfish like Perch and Crappie. Immerse yourself in the excitement as anglers brave the frozen waters, pursuing the hot action of aggressive biting Pike and Panfish with Blue Rock Charters.

Collins Lake, nestled near Kingston, offers a unique ice fishing experience. Explore the frozen landscape and join fellow enthusiasts in the pursuit of the ultimate catch. Our specialized ice fishing trips on Collins Lake provide the opportunity to reel in Pike and Panfish amidst the stunning winter scenery.

With expert local guides, top-notch equipment, and insider knowledge of the best fishing spots on Collins Lake, Blue Rock Charters ensures an unforgettable ice fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, our thrilling ice fishing excursions promise good times and the creation of cherished memories on the frozen waters of Collins Lake near Kingston, Ontario. Join us for an adventure tailored to your angling preferences!