Walleye are targeted on Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario. These aggressive fish school in large packs and love to feed in low light situations. The Best Walleye fishing on Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario is between May-June and November-February when the Big Fish are Migrating in and out of there spawning zones.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are targeted on Lake Ontario and Loughborough Lake. These are are also aggressive Fish that swim up shallow in the Spring and Fall when the waters cold and can more easily be accessed in deep water through the ice. The best Lake Trout Fishing is at ice out in the Spring and whenever the ice is safe on Lake Ontario (Lake Trout close in Zone 20 for the Fall) and on Loughborough Lake November to April are the best times. (Loughborough lake has open Lake Trout year round where most lakes in Zone 18 are Closed from September to May)


Pike can be targeted almost year-round on any lake with the exception of the closed season. They are probably one of the easiest and most fun fish to catch despite the bad reputation that they get. The best Pike fishing is towards the end of Winter when the fish are staging pre-spawn and right after the season opens in may while the big fish are still up shallow.


Bass, Both Smallmouth and Largemouth, can be some of the most fun fish to catch from Largemouth on top water frogs in the lily pads to Smallmouth chasing in your jerkbait and eating it boat side. The Bass Fishing is best from Opening Day in June to about Sept-Oct when it slows down after the fall feed is over.


Ice fishing for Perch on the Bay of Quinte is nothing short of spectacular with great numbers and size. February is the month to come down if you want to enjoy some amazing Perch Fishing.

Other Species

Though we are often not intentionally targeting them, it is also possible to catch Muskie, Sheephead, Channel Cat, Bowfin, and many other species while fishing Lake Ontario or Bay of Quinte.