Bay of Quinte (Deseronto Boat Ramp)

The Bay of Quinte is one of our primary fishing locations for Walleye and Largemouth Bass. Spanning from Trenton to Deseronto and south to the Glenora Ferry, the Bay of Quinte is home to one of the best fall Walleye migrations around when the big Walleye from Lake Ontario move in. Most of our trips are done out of the Deseronto boat ramp on main street across from the Community Recreation Centre.

Lake Ontario (Collins Bay Boat Ramp and Finkle Park)

Lake Ontario is another common fishing location for Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass. Given the size of Lake Ontario it may be necessary to access the lake from various locations depending on the time of year, weather and target species. The great thing about Lake Ontario is that the average fish size is significantly larger than most other lakes. Most of our trips are done out of the Collins Bay Boat Launch or the Boat Launch at Finkle Park in Bath. These trips are more weather dependent than most other locations

Collins Lake (Private Launch)

Collins Lake is our most common back lake location for Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass, though the odd muskie is lurking in the lake still. This lake is located between Inverary and Sunbury, about 15 minutes north of the 401. Our trips are done out of the private boat ramp on Moreland-Dixon road and parking will be covered by Blue Rock Charters.

Loughborough Lake (Perth Road Public Boat Ramp)

Loughborough Lake is our most common back lake location for Lake Trout, but we also do trips for bass and pike on the pristine clear water lake. This lake is located about 20 minutes north of Kingston just past Inverary. Our trips are done out of the public boat ramp on Division St./Perth Rd. just before the bridge.